Thank You, Next!

How many of you have heard of the show Tidying Up With Marie Kondo on Netflix? How many of you have actually watched it? Finally, how many of you drank the Kool-Aid and ended up searching your home for the things that bring you joy?

I have officially joined the club and have spent multiple hours over the past two weeks deciding what brings me joy and thanking things that don't before adding them to my donate pile. I love holding on to things way past their expiration date. I still had a pair of jeans I wore back in high school that hasn't fit in years. It is pretty much a miracle that I still had so many random things since I grew up with a mother who LOVED to clean out closets and drawers (and boxes and desks and backpacks) and would make everyone who lived with her weed out their wardrobes at least once a year. If I didn't have a mom like that my own baby clothes might still be hanging in my closet!

It is probably no surprise that I have never enjoyed cleaning out my closet before. I hate cleaning and I hate getting rid of stuff. I only decided to watch Tidying Up With Marie Kondo to see what everyone was talking about and so I would understand all the social media references to tiny boxes and finding joy. I was shocked when I found myself spring cleaning on March 2 and piling every article of clothing I had onto my bed.

I started with my closet. It had probably been 3 weeks since I had seen the floor and I figured it was the best place to start. My closet is the "junk drawer" of the house. It is pretty big, so almost anything fits in it. Any time I don't know what to do with something or need to stash something before someone comes over it ends up in my closet. Don't have time to fold the laundry? Put it in the closet. Unpacked the suitcase but haven't put it away? Put it in the closet. Didn't have time to pick up before guests arrived? You guessed it, put it in the closet. I have cleaned out my closet many times in my life and I have hated it every single time- except this time. All I could think about was the Ariana Grande song where she thanks all of her ex-boyfriends before moving on. I know, I was getting rid of clothes and not boyfriends but the concept still applied! The whole concept of keeping things that bring you joy and ditching the things you feel apathetic about or dislike was mind-blowing. By the time I was done with the closet looking at my clothes made me so happy. The closet looked scarily empty, but I was happy.

I was so happy, in fact, that I moved on to my drawers. All my t-shirts have been folded and stacked up. Pretty soon I was stacking up Zach's t-shirts, too, so everything could fit in the drawers without having to shove (I did NOT throw out any of his stuff... Just wanted to make that clear). I even got Zach to go through his sock drawer and decide which socks brought him joy. I doubt he kept socks that brought him joy, but he did go from 65+ pairs of socks down to 30. I even convinced him to thank the socks he was throwing away.

I don't know what it is about the Con-Marie method, but I can honestly say it is a life changer. I keep looking around the house and seeing more things to tidy up now that my clothes have been taken care of (my desk, the guest room, the closet in the music room, etc.). Who knew that something as simple as a closet could bring me so much joy?

Out of curiosity, how many of you are pack rats and how many of you are minimalists? I feel like even after clearing out tons of stuff I am still worlds away from minimalism but at least I am not a borderline hoarder!

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What Have I Gotten Myself Into...

Hey guys! Let me just start out by saying that I am just as surprised as you are that I am starting a blog. Never in a million years did I think I would be one of those milenials that starts a blog about her life and expects other people to find it interesting enough to read. In fact, I am pretty sure I have asked my husband (in the privacy of our own home) “Who on Earth thinks their life is so interesting that other people want to read about it?” And yet, here I am. Starting a blog about my life and wondering if, in fact, my life will be one that is interesting enough for family and friends to read about in their free time.

Heres a little back ground… Zach, my husband, and I both hate having our pictures taken. Since we hate photos so much we are practically non-non-existent on social media. Just the other day we were sitting around talking about our favorite memories we have made over the past 7 1/2 years with each other and wishing we had done a better job of documenting some of the special things we had done together to look back on. I decided to make it one of my New Year’s Resolutions for 2019 to make sure I get evidence of some of the really cool and memorable things we do this year.

Once I set the goal of documenting our year together, I realized I was never going to accomplish this without a plan. With the whole “photo aversion” issue, scrapbooking is obviously out of the picture. Plus, let's be real, even if I was going to try to attempt to scrapbook I would probably be a whole year behind by next December anyways. Even with Shutterfly and other online scrapbooks I would still have to store them and figure out what to do with them and lets just be honest- I sill have boxes sitting in one of our spare rooms from when I moved in after the wedding. Clearly if I cant even deal with that I don’t need to be bringing more stuff into our house. So, after talking to a few of my #inspirational friends that all have blogs, I decided to try this out. Hopefully it all goes well and I find a great way to keep track of Zach’s and my life together. Maybe I will even find that I have a new hobby!