Love Came to the Party

Birthday Dinner Gram (Blog).jpg

We all know that the older you get the less exciting your birthday seems, but have you ever noticed how with each passing year everyone else seems to get more and more excited about your birthday for you? I mean, think about it. When you are 4 your birthday seems like it should be a national holiday. You have been waiting all year for all your friends to come over and eat your favorite food, play your favorite games, and bring you your new favorite toys. To be honest all your friends really care about is eating pizza and cake and seeing what is in their goodie bag in the back seat while their mom drives them home. When you are 15 you are really excited but understand that this one day of the year is not quite momentous enough to cancel school for. Your friends have also started being excited about a time to all get together and do something fun even if they are not the main reason to celebrate. By 30 most people celebrate their own birthdays more as a social convention and to give their friends and family a reason to have a good time than for themselves. I am not bringing this point up to be a downer, I promise. I am only mentioning this because if your friends are more excited than you are at 30 the celebrate your birthday, imagine how excited they would be at your 85th birthday!

This weekend 17 members of my extended family all met up in Palm Springs, California to celebrate my grandma’s 85th birthday. Between the casino trips, all of us cramming into one room for dinner, and the noise level with everyone talking over each other it was chaos. Lucky for us there was the perfect mix of chaos and love. After 3 days with my family and an off key rendition of “Happy Birthday” Zach and I were talking about the weekend. It was the first time Zach had been around that many members of my family since our wedding nearly a year ago! I fully expected him to say it was overwhelming or that it was just “okay.” It’s not that I think my family is crazier than anyone else’s, but I know that it is easy to get overwhelmed as the newbie in any situation. Instead, what Zach said was that he couldn’t believe how much love came to the party. 

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How much love came to the party- as if love was a person on the guest list. Hmm… Zach didn’t see the noise or the chaos or the stress of planning a family get-together, all he saw was a family that loved each other so much they stopped to celebrate the last 85 years of Grandma’s life.