It Only Took 19 Years...

Brand New Puppy.JPG

My parents have told me that I was 5 years old the first time I asked them for a dog. They said no. So, in typical Megan fashion, I decided to convince my brother that he, too, wanted a dog. My parents still said no. Thinking that I was smarter than my parents, I decided to start writing letters to Santa asking HIM for a dog. Strangely enough, Santa never brought me a dog. I even tried getting both my brothers on board and writing letters to Santa that said all three kids would all share one present as long as it was a dog. Still no. I probably asked for a dog for every gift-giving occasion from 5 years old through high school. About 16 or 17 I think I stopped asking once I realized that this dream would never come true, but I still kept hoping that maybe mom and dad would change their mind. I looked at dogs online and would walk through pet stores at the mall and see all the dogs just waiting for someone to love them. I wanted a dog sooooo bad, but I never got one.

Baby Koa #2.JPG

By the time I was in college, I had just decided that maybe a dog wasn't ever going to happen. I moved back and forth from Utah to California for 5 years and I knew that I would never be able to keep a dog in my dorm room. Still, I loved getting to play with friends\ dogs and would always go to events where puppies were brought in to be played with.

When Zach and I got married he started talking about a dog almost immediately. For most of his life, he had 2 or 3 dogs running around his house and he wanted the same thing for us. We had many hypothetical conversations about getting a dog but I never really expected that we would be getting one any time soon. We looked at different breeds, different sizes, different energy levels, different temperaments of dogs, everything you can think of. Zach desperately wanted a French Bulldog but I wanted a dog that would play with me.

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After a few months of debate, we finally decided on getting a mini Australian Shepard. Apparently, these dogs are in high demand because we had a hard time finding the one we wanted. We decided in October that we wanted a dog about the time we had been married for a year and started looking. We ended up joining a waitlist for a litter of puppies that would be born in late February. About 3 days after we joined the waitlist, Zach fell down the rabbit hole of puppies on the internet and stayed up all night looking for more dogs. By the time I woke up in the morning, he had found a dog that was about a month old and looking for a home. Less than 3 hours later he had already talked to the breeder and was ready to pick up the puppy the day she turned 2 months old.

Bad Koa.JPG

I know I have talked before about being someone who LOVES sleep but I feel like its worth repeating here. I can sleep anywhere at any time in any situation. I could sleep through a concert if I really wanted to and I have never been one to lose sleep due to the excitement. Waiting for this puppy, though, nearly killed me because I practically didn't sleep for three weeks. The night we got her Zach picked her up on his way home from a work trip and got in around 1 in the morning. I was so excited I just sat at the front window waiting for them to arrive. Normally I am asleep by 10 even on the weekends but that night I think I stayed up till 3 playing with my new puppy.

Never in my life have I experienced joy quite like I did that first night when Zach brought Koa home. She could have eaten the couch and a wall and ruined my favorite dress and I still would have thought she was the best thing in the world (I still think she is the best puppy, but she did chew through our baseboards and has started working on dismantling one of our dining room chairs...). I was so excited that I still hardly slept for the first week. I just wanted to play with her every second she was awake. I waited 19 years for my first puppy and I finally had her!

Now, it has been another 3 months and I still wake up every morning so excited to play with my puppy. She is slightly less excited to see me now that she knows I leave her to go to work every day. I still can't believe that after 19 years of waiting my dream finally came true.

For those of you who have had pets, does this feeling of excitement ever wear off? I hope not! Also, since we are in the middle of training her, any brilliant puppy training tips would be much appreciated!