Our Love Story (Part 2)

Did you like reading about how Zach and I started dating? If you haven’t read it yet, go check out my blog post Our Love Story (Part 1) so you can get all caught up. We were so young it is crazy to think about now! I was only 16 when we met and now I am 24! Anyways, you are probably here to read the next part of the story so get ready for 5 years of dating. (If you promise not to spoil it, there might be a proposal at the end!)

When we left off, Zach had just asked me to be his “official” girlfriend and it was the summer between junior and senior year of high school. We dated all summer and had so much fun. We went to movies, went to the beach, met up for dinner, and spent time just hanging out with each other’s families. Once school started back up it was time to apply for colleges. Zach and I quickly realize we weren’t going to be able to go to the same college and still get what we wanted out of school, but tried our best to just ignore this as long as possible. Finally, in March, when we had both submitted our letters of acceptance to Arizona State University (Zach) and Utah State University (me) we started coming to terms with what would happen once we lived almost 900 miles apart.

Most people I know would have broken up with their significant other when, at 17 years old, they realized they wouldn’t be living in the same state consistently for the next 5 years. I don’t know what made Zach agree to this, but I lobbied for us to give long distance a shot and see what happened. I am not gonna lie- long distance is really, Really, REALLY hard. What I can also say, though, is that even though it is difficult, long distance relationships are beautiful. We spent countless hours talking on the phone, texting, writing letters, and eating dinner on Skype pretending we were on dates with each other. It really allowed us to get creative and find new ways to prioritize our relationship.


For the first 4 years of college we were both going to school. Between flying to see each other once a semester, school breaks, and summer vacation, we got to be together almost once a month. For the most part everything went really smoothly. Finally, after 4 years of studying and Skype dates, Zach graduated. After his graduation I joined his family on a Disney Cruise vacation.

The vacation with his family was so much fun. We spend a few days at Disney World at the start of the trip and then boarded the ship for a week of non-stop Disney entertainment. Every night there were Disney characters walking around to take pictures with and Disney movies being shown at the pool, Disney themed artwork could be seen in galleries onboard, and every crew member had the expected level of Disney cheer you would find at any of the Disney parks. For a girl who is obsessed with Disney, it was a dream world. Along with all the Disney-themed activities on the ship, there was a restaurant for adults only and Zach had arranged for us to have dinner there one night. I got all dressed up and met him at the bar downstairs before the reservation. His whole family was there to say hello before they headed off to their dining room time for dinner. On the way to dinner everyone was giving us high fives and I was very confused but just brushed it off as people being weird.


Our special dinner was beautiful. The food was amazing and we were seated in front of a wall of windows and could see out into the ocean and look at the stars. Zach and I were laughing and talking and having a great time until all the sudden he started checking his watch every 3 minutes. We finished eating and he started to look really concerned. Of course, he kept denying that he was watching the clock and kept saying things like “I’m fine” when I would ask him what was wrong. The waiter brought out our dessert menus and that seemed to get him to relax. As I started to read mine, I realized that the waiter had not handed me a dessert menu at all. Instead of a dessert list he had handed me a letter from Zach proclaiming his love for me. As soon as I finished reading the letter, a silver dome covered plate was placed down in front of me and when the cover was lifted off it revealed a gorgeous ring. Zach got down on his knee in the middle of the restaurant and asked me to be his wife!

Isn’t Zach such a romantic? If he had it his way, I am sure there would have been skywriters or billboards involved in proposing because he is a go big or go home kind of guy. I, on the other hand, am much more private and low key. I love that he took that into consideration when planning such a special and memorable life moment. What do you think? Are you a skywriter kind of person or a quiet restaurant type of person? Let me know in the comments below! Then check back in Friday for part 3 of 3 of our love story.