Yes, I Date My Husband

Happy Monday! I hope you all had a great weekend and were ready for your fresh start this morning. If you woke up wishing it was already Friday, then I guess congratulations on making it this far through the worst day of the week! I woke up this morning ready for the week ahead... mostly because this past weekend was super chore-heavy and I was just ready to be done with that. I did 8 loads of laundry in 48 hours. 8 loads of laundry! How in the world do two people make that much laundry?!

Anyways, if you are wondering about the title for today's blog post, I thought it would be a good way to address the shock that most of my 20-something friends respond with when I talk about dating. Most of my friends are not married or even engaged (except for one- Hi Amanda and Josh!). Some are in serious relationships, some are happily single, and some of them are going on lots and lots of first dates. When my friends tell me about dates they have recently been on with either their significant other or the random guy they met off their dating app I always make a mental note of where they went, if they said it was a good date, and if Zach and I should go on a date there. If it seems like a fun date, I usually ask enough questions to make sure I know where to suggest we go the next time Zach and I have date night. Without fail, every time a new person my age hears me say "Oh, that sounds like fun! I want to go on a date there!" they respond with shock and/or horror that I, as a married woman, would be going out on dates.

My friends see dating as a way to reach marriage-the goal is to find the person you are going to marry, and I have already done that. When I talk about dating, I mean dating Zach. Just because we got married last year does not mean that we no longer like to do fun things

I know that some people choose to be in an open relationship and date other people besides their husband- this is NOT what I mean when I say I want to go on a date. Zach and I are happily married and not seeing anyone else. I can only imagine, though, that this is what the person I am talking to is picturing when I mention dating. My friends see dating as a way to reach marriage-the goal is to find the person you are going to marry, and I have already done that. When I talk about dating, I mean dating Zach. Just because we got married last year does not mean that we no longer like to do fun things or that we spend all of our free time sitting inside our house together. After a weekend like I just had with all the household chores all I want is to get out and do something fun! I don't know why this is so shocking to people, but I date my husband.

sushi boat date night.JPG
Zach and the empty sushi boat.JPG

Zach and I have done all kinds of fun things as dates but this past week was especially fun. Before I met Zach, I had never tried sushi. Well, I had eaten California rolls, but I don't think that really counts. We used to go to sushi a few times a month but recently we have not been going as much. Last Thursday we decided that it had been way too long since we had gotten our sushi fix so we decided to go to a place we hadn't been to in a while. When we got our menus there was one of those extra pieces of paper that had the specials on it with a really pretty picture of a sushi boat for two. I have never ordered a sushi boat but it looked so fun so we decided to get that as our dinner.

When our food got to the table It truly came out in a wooden boat and it looked exactly like the picture. My first thought was that I would never be able to eat that much. Turns out I was wrong. I should have known... Zach loves sushi and will eat as much sushi as is available. We didn't have a single piece left in the boat when we left. Since sushi places typically don't have the best dessert options, we decided to head across the street to a place that neither of us had ever been. There is this place called Cream and Sugar Gone Mad and they make these crazy and totally beautiful desserts that look like something off a Food Network show. The inside looks like something out of Alice and Wonderland where every photo and clock is askew and nothing quite matches. I LOVED checking out a new place with Zach and the milkshakes we ordered made the trip even better. We don't often get to explore new places in Southern California together since we both grew up here, but this was one of the few places neither of us had been to.

milkshakes from cream and sugar.JPG

Part of the reason that Zach and I make it a point to go out on dates is that its fun. The other reason is that if we don't make it a priority, we will end up spending every night on the couch eating ice cream straight from the pint and binge-watching Netflix. Ice cream, Netflix, and sweatpants are awesome, but so are the things we used to do before we got married. Taking time out every week to hang out together without chores or work or keeping track of the dog means we can keep building our relationship the way we used to. Just because we are married and see each other every day now doesn't mean that our relationship is perfect and never needs work, it just means that we get to do the day-to-day stuff together instead of only seeing each other for dates.

Have any of you been on some fun or unique dates lately? Whether it was with your spouse, your significant other, or someone you just met I would love to hear about it! Maybe one of your suggestions will end up being our date night next week!