All the Gelato, All the Pizza

I know what you are all thinking... "She could not have possibly eaten ALL the gelato and pizza in Italy!" Maybe I didn't eat all the gelato and pizza, but I ate enough to gain 8 pounds and that's a lot. Along with coffee, that's almost all I ate the whole trip. Its actually a miracle I didn't gain more than 8 pounds.

The reason I somehow avoided gaining any more weight than I actually did is because we were so busy running around trying to make sure we didn't miss a single thing in Italy. As much fun as I am sure you would all have looking at the photos of the gelato that I ate I am guessing you would rather be reading about what we saw and did... So here are the highlights!


We started our trip in Venice and spent two days exploring the city before starting our cruise. Zach and I loved walking around and getting lost in the city. The first day we were there we walked over 5 miles. We only intended to walk a few miles but we got lost and couldn't figure out what bridges needed to be crossed to get back to our hotel. We also toured St Mark's Cathedral which was absolutely beautiful. Zach even convinced me to join him at the top of the bell tower. The iron caged windows are the only reason I was able to get close enough to the edge to take pictures.


In Sicily, we took a "Godfather" tour where we got to see some of the sights used for the movie. Since I have never seen "The Godfather" I had no idea what I was looking at but Zach loved it and wanted to tell me about each part of the movie as we passed where it was filmed. We also got to see a really neat Greek theater that is still used today for outdoor concerts in the summer.

One day we spent the day driving through the mountains to see as much of the country as we could. We stopped 3 different places but my favorite was the Almalfi Coast. The views driving into the area were beautiful and the shops were so cute! Zach and I broke off from the group and took a tour of the cathedral and got to see the coolest juxtaposition of contemporary and historical catholicism. As someone who gets carsick, I was fully primed to have less fun than a trip to the doctor's office but it ended up being a great day!


In Pisa, we spent some time taking the obligatory photos trying to hold up the leaning tower. It took nearly 80 photos to get one of each of us that actually looked like we were holding up the tower but we finally got it. When we were done we drove to Florence and had lunch in an old monastery. It was such a cool experience to see a building repurposed in such a creative way. Here in America someone would have torn it down and started over!

Rome was our last stop and we crammed as much into 24 hours as we possibly could. We made it to the Spanish Steps, the Trevi Fountain, the Colosseum, the Pantheon, and the Roman Forum. We were hiking all over the city to make sure we got to see everything before heading to the Vatican for a tour. I think I took more photos at the Vatican than I did the entire trip so I will save the details for another post :).

Have you ever been to Italy? This was my first "official" trip out of the country since it was the first time I got my passport stamped. It took me a while to realize we were so far away from home since everyone we tried to talk to spoke English but once I did it was really mind-blowing! Let me know if you have been and what your favorite things to do were or if you want to go and what you want to see!