What Happens in Vegas...

Megan Playing Slots in Vegas.JPG

If any of you know me, you can probably guess that I am not a "Vegas" kind of person. I mean I have been to Vegas a few times, but I have only been there as a place to stop over on my way to where I am really going. I don't typically stay up later than 10 pm, I don't love big crowds or being around people who should have stopped drinking hours ago, and I HATE the smell of cigarettes. I am pretty much the opposite of Vegas.

With all of that said, Zach and I took a 24 hour trip to Las Vegas, Nevada recently to celebrate a friend's 21 birthday. It was the best way to do such a crazy city, in my opinion. We drove out on a Saturday and got in around noon, checked into our hotel, and got some lunch. We gambled for a couple of hours with the birthday girl, went to Top Golf, and had a huge birthday dinner. In the morning, we got up and went to brunch, checked out, and drove home.

Zach with his spirit animal Gordon Ramsey.JPG

If anyone is wondering, no, I did not win any money. Neither did Zach. We did have a lot of fun losing it, though! Zach likes to play Wheel of Fortune and that's pretty much the only game he played. Since I don't know how to play cards and I don't know enough about sports to bet on them I mostly just had fun watching other people in our group get excited about winning. I did play Wheel of Fortune a few times but I mostly just liked watching the big wheel spin and light up.

Brunch in Hell's Kitchen.JPG

One of the coolest things we did while in Las Vegas was the brunch we went to on the day we left. We went to Hell's Kitchen, the Gordon Ramsey restaurant. Everything we ate was incredible, but the coolest part was that the kitchen of the restaurant was set up just like it is in the show! There was a red and a blue team and you could see into the kitchen from where we were sitting. There was a video of Gordon in the front of the restaurant spitting out some of his classic food insults at anyone who walked by. After listening to a few Zach announced that Gordon Ramsey is his spirit animal!

We loved having the chance to celebrate with our friend for such a milestone birthday and were happy to have an excuse to check off another state from our list of places to visit. We spent the whole way home trying to decide if we should ever go back and what we would do if we did. Do you have a favorite thing to do in Las Vegas or are you someone who tries to stay away? Let me know so we have some ideas if we ever go back!