I Survived 25!


Hey guys! Happy Monday! I hope you all had a great weekend and are feeling rested and re-set for this week. I had a fabulously relaxing weekend where I just got to go shopping and get pampered because... Yesterday was my birthday! It is official- I am old now. Okay, maybe not that old, but I remember thinking that 25 was REALLY old when I was growing up and now here I am!


Normally, I am not a birthday person. I don't like to be the center of attention and so I have never been someone who celebrates for the whole month of their birthday. In fact, I do the opposite. I celebrate my birthday one day, one time, and thats it. This year, in order to facilitate everyone celebrating at the same time so I did not have birthday brunch with one friend, dinner with the family, cofee with coworkers, or whatever else people who celebrate all month long do Zach and I decided to have everyone over to our house a few days early for a backyard BBQ. I invited the strangest mix of people and we had never hosted a party before, but it ended up being SO MUCH FUN.

The best part of my birthday party was that everyone who was there all got along. I had everyone there from my grandma to my in-laws, to my coworkers and my friends. By everyone I actually mean 16 people... See my note above about not liking to be the center of attention. I was worried that it would be weird having such an eclectic mix of people but everyone got along great and it was so fun to have the people I love all toegther! My mom talked to my coworkers, my grandma talked to my friends, and my brother talked to my in-laws. It all worked out so well it made me wonder why I had even been worried in the first place.


The other major hilight of my birthday BBQ is that it gave Zach and I the motivation we needed to FINALLY install the outdoor eddison lights I have been wanting to hang for the last year and a half. It took way longer than we expected, half a bag of zipties, a trip to Target at 10:00 at night and a lot of creativity but the night before the party we finally got them up. We were not 100% confident they would stay up through the party because they kept falling down while we were putting them up but it has been 5 days and I think I can say they are going to last :)

Are you someone who celebrates your birthday for one day or the whole month? And what is your favorite way to celebrate? I am always curious what other people do... I know most people do not do it the way that I do! Leave me a comment below and maybe I will steal some ideas for Zach's birthday in January!