Amazon Kind of Christmas (In July)

Hello!!!!!! I am so excited to tell you guys something: Last week for Amazon Prime Day I discovered some of the best stuff. I wanted to share it with everyone so that next year you all can have as successful of a Monday as I did! I not only found some of the best products and got them for a screaming deal, but I also learned the tricks of shopping prime day. Just to be clear, this is not an ad for Amazon and none of the links or anything are affiliate links. This means there is literally zero benefits to you buying something from this page instead of going to Amazon for yourself, I do not get paid, I just want to share with you all the cool things I found and learned. Apparently, when you post links on the internet you have to disclose if you are benefitting from them or else you can get in really big trouble... But since I am not, consider this my anti-disclaimer.

First of all, if you don't have an Amazon Prime account you should. Without fail, paying for something on Amazon with free 2-day shipping is always (okay, mostly always... like 95% of the time) cheaper than buying something somewhere else and having to pay to ship. PLUS with Amazon, it is delivered in 2 days to your doorstep instead of having to wait 2 weeks for whatever it is that you wanted. You also get access to Amazon Music and Prime video which has some of our FAVORITE shows on it. No one likes commercials, scratchy radio stations, or being patient so Amazon is basically my best friend. Plus, getting home and seeing a pile of smiling boxes waiting for you just makes me happy and I am sure it will make you happy, too. (with a school email address you can get Prime Student for 6 months for a great deal, you can try it free for 30 days, or you can pay for it year after year like I do because it is TOTALLY WORTH IT!) For those of you that have other people living at home with you, you can even have a family account so your kids, parents, siblings, or significant others can use Prime without being able to see what you bought them for their birthday.


Before I get into sharing all the great deals I found, I thought I would share HOW I found all the great deals. About 2 months before Prime Day I started making a list of all of the wishlist things I wanted to get for the house, anything I wanted that was difficult to find in the stores, and anything that I had thought about ordering on Amazon but couldn't decide if it was a good enough price. Every time I found myself looking to buy something I would add it to the notes on my phone. It might seem crazy to save up all of your purchases for one day, but Amazon, Target, Walmart, and tons of other stores all have amazing sales in July and I would way rather buy something on sale than pay full price. The way I see it, I was going to spend a certain amount of money over a few months so saving it all up for one month doesn't cost me any extra.

The night before Prime Day I got on my Amazon app. I had never used the app on Prime Day before and it made the whole thing SO. MUCH. BETTER. If you go in the app and click on today's deal, there is an option to look at upcoming deals. I spent about an hour scrolling through all of the Prime Day deals that would be going live in the next 24 hours and picking the ones that were on my wishlist. When you add something to your watch list you cant see the price, so I added multiples if I saw more than one. That way if I didn't like the deal or if the deal was so good that the item I wanted sold out right away I was able to move on to the next one. I turned on notifications from Amazon on my phone so I would get a reminder right before any deals went live which you don't HAVE to do but it made sure I didn't have to check my phone every 5 minutes to see what time something was going on sale. After I looked through all the deals, I went to sleep and waited for the deals to start.

For those of you who don't know, Prime Day starts at midnight here in California and runs for two days. I was not interested in waking up at 1 or 2 am because I love sleep even more than I love a good deal, so I just waited till I woke up at 5 am to start shopping. The deals that became available in the middle of the night were waiting for me when I woke up. Every time I got a notification I would just open the app and check the deal as it went live. If it was a good deal I would add whatever the thing was to my cart and check out right away before the deal ended (some only last 5 minutes, and some sell out even faster!). If the deal was good but sold out faster than I could buy it I would add myself to the waitlist. Most of the deals were incredible- I am talking about 40-85% off- but if the deal was not as good as I had hoped or I thought I would be able to find it that price somewhere else, I simply deleted the notification. With deals that had multiple times happening, I found that the items did not get any cheaper as the day went on, but I have heard that some people have gotten even better deals by waiting later in the day.

Now that you know how I got all the great deals, I wanted to share a few of my favorite finds. Since Prime Day is over you won't be able to get the exact same deal on these things, but I will still put the links in so anyone who is interested can get something similar. I was mostly shopping for home decor this year so you might start to see a theme as you scroll through the photos :)

Are you an Amazon Prime member and do you shop on Prime Day? I honestly used to think it was stupid because I would sit at my computer and have to wait anxiously scrolling through lists of things that I didn't need waiting for that one special thing to go on sale. After figuring out how to use the app this year I am never going back! I am also going to keep my running list of things to buy going and leave anything I can wait on until Black Friday this year... the next time all my favorite stores will be having major sales! If you have any tips for finding stuff on sale or shopping Prime Day let me know so I can try them out next year. Also, let me know what you bought, if anything! I love seeing what other people love!