New Orleans, Louisiana


As a teacher, March is the WORST. Those of you who have normal, year-round, 9-5 jobs are all about to start making fun of me, but it's true. It is the only month of the whole year where you have students every day. There are no random holidays, no teacher work days, and no professional development days- just 4 1/2 straight weeks of students coming to school every day with spring fever. If you are a teacher, you get it. If you are not, I dare you to try teaching in March.

As someone who likes hanging out with my husband, April is the worst. Not as bad as being a teacher in March, but it's still not great. Zach has a work trip almost every weekend in April which means I am home alone a lot. Even when he is home, there is work to catch up on from being gone and in-town swapmeets to run. It seems a little unfair that these two months back up against each other, but right in between there is a magical week where everything seems to go right- Spring Break!


When Zach and I picked a wedding date, we really over thought it. We thought about birthdays and holidays, work schedules, we changed our minds 100 times, and finally settled at the end of March. The first week in April is spring break every year and we decided to get married just before that so we could take a spring break trip every year. Last year, we went to Maui, Hawaii for our honeymoon and this year we went to New Orleans.

Across our 5 day trip, Zach and I visited 4 state museums, took 2 tours, ate at 12 different restaurants (some of them twice!), and walked over 62 miles. Neither one of us had been to Louisiana before and we loved exploring the city together. The people, the buildings, and the food gave us the perfect respite from our crazy lives.

Our favorite part of the whole trip was just walking around and looking at all the beautiful architecture. From walking around the French Quarter and admiring the shops and shotgun houses to wandering down St. Charles street and shopping for our imaginary other life we loved seeing all the architecture that was so different from what we have here in Orange County. We both felt like we had stepped into another world where uniqueness was celebrated and conformity did not exist. Instead of pre-planned neighborhoods where every house was one of 3 floor plans each house had its own unique styling and details that made it stand out from the next.

I learned that Zach loves wrap-around porches and traditional details. I learned that I love bright colors and rocking chairs. Neither one of us would have been able to tell you that we liked these things before spending hours walking around the streets of New Orleans aimlessly taking picture after picture of strangers homes hoping they weren't watching us.

It ended up being the perfect way to wrap up a month straight of teaching and prepare for a month hardly seeing Zach-After all the activity we managed to cram into one week we were both ready for a break from vacation. I don't even think Zach minded waking up early for his work trip the day after we got home after being stuck with me 24/7! Either way, it was the perfect way to break up the two worst months of the year in a way that made each one totally worth it.


Zach and I set a goal to visit all 50 states together as a married couple and so far we have only been to a few. We live in California and have visited Hawaii, Indiana, and now Louisiana (we also visited Utah, Arizona, Florida, Missouri, and Oregon while we were dating). Where should we take our next trip to? If you have a favorite state to visit, let me know down below and tell me if there are any can't miss things to do! We are already thinking about our next adventure and I know we will go somewhere next year for Spring Break, too!