Learning to Golf, Celebrating a Birthday

Zach Driving Range.JPG

Hey guys! For those of you that don’t know, Zach’s birthday was last month. Every year for his birthday I struggle to figure out what to do or what to get him because it comes right after Christmas. This year we were talking about what to do to celebrate and Zach shared that he really wanted me to try golfing with him. Zach used to play golf for our high school team but then kinda fell away from it in college. Recently he has been getting back into it and playing almost once a week. I, on the other hand, have never played golf before. I have gone golfing with Zach as a date, but all I did was drive the cart and cheer when he hit a great shot. Well, I only cheered once because apparently in golf that is frowned upon… but I secretly think he liked it ;)

Since I have truly never golfed before, Zach and I went to the driving range about a week before his birthday so he could teach me a few things before we went out on a course. I was honestly thinking ‘How hard can this be? You swing the club, you hit the ball, that's it.” Turns out golfing is HARD. I may or may not have managed to swing the club and have the ball shoot out behind me. I also almost hit Zach who was standing in the next stall. Needless to say, I am not a naturally gifted golfer.

Megan Birthday Golf.JPG

All of the hilariously amusing bad shots from the range didn’t seem to phase Zach at all. He still wanted to go play a round of golf to celebrate his birthday. I wasn’t so sure this was a good idea, but who am I to deprive someone of their birthday wish? Standing at the tee box on the first hole Zach hit the ball beautifully down the fairway. I took two large chunks out of the grass. And hit a tree. It was not a great start for me. I also hit every sand trap on the course and lost a few balls. Still, it was pretty fun to get to do something that Zach loves so much with him!

I may not have known what I was doing, but I did have quite a lot of fun. Since there was no one else on the course there was lots of cheering when I finally did hit a ball more than about 30 feet. I even chipped a ball right into the hole once. That one warranted a touchdown-style dancing celebration (Also frowned upon, but I mean COME ON! It was my only good shot all day!).

Zach Birthday Golfing.JPG

All in all, I would say it was a pretty successful birthday. I always think experiences are better than material things since the memories last longer than the gift. I am thinking I might have to make this memory building birthday thing a tradition- especially since there is never anything left to wrap up for him for his birthday! What kind of experiences have you gifted in the past? Are there any you would do again? Let me know in the comments below. I would love some tried and true ideas!